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  • There are several things to consider before deciding on the style and height of you fencing.


Tall fences do not provide increased security - if you cannot see over the fence then an intruder can work in relative privacy! (Bear in mind that most area authorities will only allow 6ft fences without planning permission).

Some fences are easier to scale than others so care should be taken when choosing the style - your fence may look good from your side but could provide a nice ladder on the other!



A 5ft fence gives a good level of privacy and security - Solid panelled fencing (inc Closeboard) gives you the best privacy, but dont dismiss the “double-sided paling or picket” option as it is almost impossible to see through and has the advantage of letting daylight and wind filter through it.


The Weather

If your fence is to be in a very exposed position and open to the elements it is advisable to make it as strong as possible. Don’t have it higher than it needs to be. 6’x6’ waney-lap panels fixed to timber posts are most vulnerable. Consider a more open fence.


The terrain

For sloping ground of more than 1ft fall in 6ft of fencing can cause “gaps” under the fence (as the top of the panel has to be level to look right), we suggest “closeboard” fencing in these situations - since the bay can be wider and easier to “grade”.

Tree stumps and other obstacles within the intended “fence-line” may cause problems and during your site visit we will provide you with the best options available. When erecting your fence we take great care to protect any shrubs or flowers that may be in the way, on some occasions it may be necessary to relocate these as post-holes need to be quite large to provide a good strong fence.



The common understanding is that you are responsible for the boundary to the right of your property but this is a very “loose” rule - We suggest you inform your neighbours of your intentions before any fencing work takes place - this gives them the opportunity to raise any concerns that they may have before work commences and also affords them the time to move items from near the fence-line and to make arrangements for any animals / children  that may need to be kept inside whilst the work is in progress. You never know they may offer to pay some of the costs!


If you need any advice or want a site visit (at no cost) please contact us.